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Advanced Aviation is the most trusted name in assisting builders in the construction of their experimental aircraft. Our extensive experience with Lancair's Evolution and other aircraft kits allow us to help get these aircraft off the ground quickly, reliably, and with the upmost safety in mind. We are currently in the process of helping to build a number of the new Lancair Evolution aircraft. With 8 Lancair Evolutions flying, we have the most experience and qualifications over any of the other builder assist shops in the nation.

We work closely with the aircraft builders to ensure that each plane is customized to their individual tastes, and that a safe and dependable aircraft leaves our facility. Our role in the construction process is to provide facilities, equipment, expert advice, and a portion of the actual construction labor. This allows the owner to complete the 51% required for experimental aircraft.

Over the years we have helped construct a wide variety of kits, and now the Lancair Evolution. Give us a call to see how we can help you build one of these amazing planes or any other experimental kit aircraft.

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Advanced Aviation assists owners in the sale of their experimental aircraft. Specializing in Lancair's Evolution, IV-P, ES and Legacy, we only list the aircraft that we know the history of and consider to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Please contact us for any additional information about these aircraft for sale.

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Builder Assist Services


With Advanced Aviation being located only 15 miles from the Lancair factory and along with our 20 years experience assisting in the construction of Lancair aircraft, this makes us the right choice for your Evolution builder assist needs. Our close working relationship with Lancair is vital to us in assisting the builder with the safe, quality construction and timely completion of your Evolution.

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