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Our Services


Aircraft Builders Assist

Assisting in the construction of any experimental aircraft. Whether it's a tube & fabric Cub or a high performance carbon fiber aircraft, like an Evolution, assisting you in building a safe, reliable aircraft for you and your family is our commitment.  Conveniently located at the Bend Airport, our 8000 sq ft on-site build facility, our on-site 3000 sq ft paint booth, and our on-site custom upholstering, we are well equipped to assist in all phases of construction of your aircraft.  Our highly experienced detail oriented mechanics are ranked among the best in their field.  We listen to your ideas and goals, give advice and direction as needed to help you achieve those goals.


Aircraft Maintenance

With many years of experience, performing Annual Condition Inspections, we ensure that your aircraft will be returned to service with the highest quality standard, and with the best available resources available in the country.


FAA Interaction

Working with the FAA is easier than ever, with our experience of the Airworthiness certification process. We know the correct procedures, and will work with you on all of the documentation for your aircraft. We work with our local DAR (designated airworthiness representative), and have a great working relationship to get your aircraft certified.  We currently have a Notary Public on staff to simplify notarization of documents related to Airworthiness certification, aircraft sales, and other documents as needed.


Precision Propeller Balancing

Balancing the propeller to the engine at cruise RPM is critical. Even though the engine and propeller may be balanced from the factory, it is important to have them balanced together to reduce engine and propeller fatigue and have a smoother flight.


Aircraft Weight & Balance

The final weight & balance of an experimental aircraft after paint and upholstery is often neglected. Final W&B computations are necessary for the safe operation of an aircraft. Using digital scales and computer programs to get the most accurate weights.


Aircraft Painting

The paint is the first thing everyone will see and probably the most difficult decision you will have to make. Our painters have committed much of their lives to producing extremely high quality paint finishes to produce that top quality custom paint job you want, all tailored to your specifications and design.  At our 3000 sq ft on-site paint booth, which will accommodate your aircraft without removing the wings, we use only the best aircraft paint and finishing products. We are happy to assist you in designing your paint scheme and choosing the best colors to match your individual tastes.


Aircraft Upholstery

Upholstery is generally the last thing to do in the completion of your plane and one of the most important for the comfort and finished appearance of your plane. Whether you choose cloth seats and headliner with a leather inlay or leather and suede seats with Carbon Fiber inlays, our on-site detail oriented upholsters do a custom job for you.  Again, we can help you design and choose the fabrics and colors that best match your paint colors and design.